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Destin Inshore Fishing: Springtime Speckled Trout

Posted by Capt LW

Posted on 15 April 2019

Nothing brings on more excitement and anticipation than the advent of the first catches of the Springtime Speckled Trout in the Greater Destin Inshore Bay Fishing areas. The Speckled Trout is known for its aggressive bite and ability to challenge the most seasoned anglers. The challenge lies with attempting not only to get it to accept a bait but also land this Destin Inshore sport fish. But where are these elusive Destin Inshore Fish in Springtime? Just what does it typically take to catch even the smaller ones versus the much sought after Gator-Sized Speckled Trout? To answer these questions, you must understand not only the Speckled Trout itself but also understand how the water temperature and geography of land affects its movements, what prompts these Destin Inshore Sport fish to come out of their Destin Bay hideouts, and finally, what they really want to eat once they are active in their Destin Inshore Fishing areas.

The Speckled Trout is known for its aggressive nature which appeals to anglers all around the world. It has a very muscular build and is similar in size and shape to many of its freshwater cousins such as the Brown and Rainbow Trout. Destin Inshore Speckled Trout range in size from 10 to 32 inches in length. Speckled Trout have a distinct coloring pattern with a dark black back and shoulder area accompanied by a dominant silver body and purple hue along with their signature black dots arranged all over their bodies. They are known to return to the same shallow water grass flats within the Destin Inshore Bay in which they were spawned.

Seventy degrees water temperature prompts Speckled Trout to feed

The movement of Destin Inshore Speckled Trout typically coincides with water temperatures. Many tried and true Speckled Trout Anglers will tell you the magic number which signals the movement of Speckled Trout within the Destin Florida Inshore Bay area is seventy degrees. At seventy degrees a number of things happen which prompts the Speckled Trout to feed. The first factor is the deep water holes Speckled Trout favor over a cold winter are no longer able to provide the same warmth as the shallow Destin Inshore Bay Flats, which now hold heat much better and stimulate more aggression within the Speckled Trout. Water temperature is such a big factor with Speckled Trout, that it is said for every one degree of water temperature change on a Speckled Trout is like eight degrees of water temperature change on a human body. With the water temperature at its desired level, Spring time Speckled Trout will look for the areas which will consistently hold these desired water temperatures.

The most common areas Speckled Trout seek for consistent desirable water temperatures are dark muddy bottom bayous which can capture and hold the warmth of the sun better than most of the other Destin Inshore locations. Speckled Trout loiter along the bottom of these muddy bottom bayous in anticipation of a quick ambushed meal and then quickly return to the warmth of the muddy bayou bottom. Another desirable Springtime Destin Inshore area which holds the warmth necessary for a Destin Speckled Trout to thrive is the shallow sandy grass flats which also heat up quite quickly as the day progresses. Finding and catching Speckled Trout in these areas lends itself to some great Speckled Trout fishing even later in the day when the sun is at its highest point.

Look for Destin Inshore Fishing areas with small minnows, crabs or shrimp

Now determining what prompts Destin Inshore Springtime Speckled Trout to eat is a challenging but yet predictable proposition if you just pay a little attention to what inhabits the areas you’re likely to find Springtime Speckled Trout. One of the best ways to determine what Springtime Speckled Trout are eating is to take a look at these areas, and observe whether there are small minnows, crabs or shrimp in any sizable number in the area. In my experience some of the first baits foraged by Destin Inshore Speckled Trout are Live Shrimp. A live shrimp will inhabit Destin Inshore Bay areas all year long and is a quick and easy target for a Speckled Trout. Another great Springtime bait for Destin Inshore Speckled Trout are the small menhaden (Pogies) that typically inhabit the back bayous by the thousands and make a quick and easy meal for Destin Inshore Springtime Speckled Trout. Knowing what Destin Inshore Speckled Trout are eating at any given time also allows you to mimic the live bait option with an artificial lure which represents these same live baits with great success.

Springtime has now hit the Destin Florida Inshore Fishing area and water temperatures are within a few degrees of hitting the seventy degree magic number in which Speckled Trout flourish. Your next move should be to hit your favorite local bait shop for some live shrimp. In my case you can’t go wrong with the great folks over at The SALTY BASS BAIT & TACKLE SHOP. It is the “Hands Down Choice” for the liveliest and best maintained shrimp. These shrimp have consistently caught me and my clients some of the best quality Speckled Trout.

Until Next Time Let’s Go Catch’em Up!!!

Capt LW

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