The Boats and Fishing Gear

Charter Boat and Fishing GearIntracoastal Experience’s All-New Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid and 2300 HPS are the Finest Inshore Bay/Gulf Boats made – period! Both boats are spacious and up to 25 – 23.5 feet in length and 9 – 8.5  feet in width respectively. These boats take fishing to a whole new level of comfort, making fishing much more fun for your family and friends. They compromise nothing when it comes to stalking fish in the shallowest of inshore bay flats or providing the ultimate in dry-riding stability in the choppiest waters. With an extremely quiet yet powerful Yamaha 300 and 200 Horsepower Four-stroke engines respectively, swift and stable cruising makes your fishing adventure that much more pleasurable.

Whether stalking the Inshore Bay Flats and then making a quick shot out into the Gulf, these Pathfinders have the versatility to make it happen! Investing in the Highest Quality, Technically Superior and Comfortable Guide Fleet, helps to ensure you have a fun and successful fishing day with us!

Power Pole Anchor
Charter Boat and Fishing Gear

Both Pathfinder models are equally equipped and accomplish sight fishing with ease through fully customized and elevated second tower helms. These second helms comfortably seat two anglers, allowing them to see Cobia, Tarpon, Redfish and Speckled Trout or anything that swims before they know you’re within striking range. Not to mention the ultimate perch for seeing wildlife such as Dolphins and a host of other Coastal Marine life. Stealth sneak attacks are also accomplished by Minn Kota’s All-New remote controlled I-Pilot trolling motor. In addition, while stalking the shallows, a quick press of the wireless remote will immediately stop both Pathfinder models with Twin Blade Series Power Pole shallow water anchors. Rounding it all out is the Latest All-New Garmin GPS and Sonar allowing pinpoint accurate runs to private reefs and wrecks – a simple yet deadly proposition for any unsuspecting fish.

Your typical gear for an inshore trip will be Light Tackle Spinning Rods and Reels. On Destin Inshore Gulf excursions your gear will be size-appropriate Light Tackle Spinning Rods and Reels when sight casting to one of the many marine species you’ll see cruising along the beach or right next to the boat. When trolling above or bottom fishing the Destin Inshore Gulf reefs and wrecks, Medium-Medium Heavy Tackle Spinning Reels will be employed. Clients are equipped with the same type of gear that has won Capt LW tournaments year after year. The use of the latest cutting-edge technology, top-of-the-line equipment, and diverse fishing techniques, all combine to make you and your family/friends fishing trip a fun and memorable experience.

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