The Destin Inshore Bay and Flats have been on fire!


As a Destin Inshore Fishing Guide, I have been able to catch both limits of redfish and speckled trout on numerous Destin inshore fishing charter trips:

Redfish: The reds have been ready and willing to bite. Look for them on the shallow water flats congregating in the deeper holes, in and around the 2 foot deep grass flats. Don’t forget to fish the reds tight to pilings and other submerged structure. Baits of choice include live pin fish, pogies, croakers and shrimp. On several recent ICX Destin Inshore Bay and Flats charter fishing trips, my clients caught their limits pretty quickly and kept fishing to catch and release 10 – 15 more reds, ultimately leaving fishing spots with the redfish still biting!

Speckled Trout: Getting out to your fishing spots early or late afternoon are keys to Speckled Trout success. The Destin Inshore Bay Flats have held these trout in there usual grass flat haunts. Look for the Swiss Cheese bottoms and of course it doesn’t hurt to see bait schools being exploded on by hungry trout. Preferred bait choices are small live pin fish, croaker, pogies and shrimp. Artificial offerings include the DOA shrimp under a popping cork and Topwater lures such as the Rapala Skitterwalk.

Black Snapper: The Black Snapper bite has been very reliable and consistent. Clients on my ICX Destin Inshore Charter Fishing Trips have typically landed up to 20 per trip. Bait of choice is live shrimp. These snapper are very leader shy, so some fluorocarbon leader is recommended.

Capt LW’s Destin Inshore Bay and Flats Charter Fishing Guide Tip of the Month:


When searching for visual cues to the presence of Destin Inshore Bay and Flats sport fish such as Redfish and Speckled Trout, my Destin Inshore Charter Fishing Guide instinct prompts me to look for large schools of mullet. Reds and Trout actually follow schools of mullet in search of smaller baits to eat. When the mullet, who are actually vegetarians, move about the Destin Inshore grass flats, small fish and crabs jump out of the grass and the redfish and trout quickly snatch up a quick meal courtesy of the large moving schools of mullet. As a Destin Inshore Charter Fishing Guide, I instruct my clients to cast right in the middle of the mullet schools, and hold on tight, because Mr Redfish and Ms Trout are coming to dinner!

Until next month, GO Catch’em Up!

Capt LW

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