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Warmer temps sure to make this a Great Sight Fishing Opportunity!

Posted by Capt LW

The Destin Inshore Bay Shallow Flats are welcoming back the Speckled Trout and Redfish and the Annual Cobia Migration is just weeks away!

Redfish: The shallow water flats of the Destin Inshore are welcoming back our spotted tailed friends. I Have spotted and caught several slot sized reds while scouting the flats for life. The reds are following the new hatches of bait who will reside in the grass flats throughout the summer. The redfish bite has also been very good with the destin pass being a great place to target these redfish. Look for tide movements because this will typically help congregate these redfish and prompt them to bite. Baits of choice are live croakers, pinfish and large finger mullet. As a Destin Inshore Charter Fishing Guide, clients on my recent trips caught anywhere from 6 thru 20 of these hard fighting redfish.
Speckled Trout: Speckled Trout have also started to chew pretty aggressively around the Destin Inshore Bay Flats. Prime Speckled Trout areas seem to be where a freshwater source enters the Destin Inshore Bay and Flats. During early spring, I prefer to throw artificial bait imitations of the surrounding fingerlings that these trout are gorging themselves on. Mirrodine’s in your favorite color seem to elicit quick strikes from these hungry trout.
Cobia:The annual Destin Cobia Run is quickly approaching. Every year with the Cobia Run has been different when it comes to which bait is the go-to bait. But one thing is for sure, the ICX Destin Charter Fishing Boat, will have every possible bait you can throw in anticipation of the finickiest Cobia. Live Eels, Full-Sized Mullet, Catfish, Croaker, Pinfish, Cobia jigs and even a very large dead squid. No kidding, during the 2012 Cobia run an 86 pounder would not eat any of the usual baits until a Destin Charter Fishing Boat crew hooked up and sight cast a dead squid, and the fight was on! I just rigged up two more Cobia rods and we’re looking forward to entering the boat for the 2014 Harbor Docks Cobia World Championships. I’ve already booked a handful of Cobia Trips for the months of April and May, and we’re looking forward to taking our customers to the weigh scales to hopefully weigh in the winning Cobia! Please feel free to contact Capt LW if you’re interested in booking a Destin Nearshore Gulf Charter Fishing trip to experience this world class sight fishing opportunity. Destin Inshore Bay Flats Charter Fishing trips can be combined with Destin Nearshore Gulf Fishing Charter trips to provide the ultimate Destin Inshore Bay and Destin Nearshore Gulf Guided Charter Fishing eXperience.Until Next Month,
C’Mon, Let’s Go Catch’em Up!
Capt LW

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