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Winter Destin Inshore Fishing 2018-19 Has Arrived!!!

Posted by Capt LW

Winter Destin Inshore Fishing Action: Flounder, Sheepshead & Redfish

Winter has arrived and as the seasons change, so have the fish we target and how we target them. Flounder and Sheepshead are targeted now along with some Redfish action. Nice catches of all three species have been accomplished by our Clients.


With the cooler Destin Inshore water temperatures comes the signal to the Flounder to move out of the Destin Inshore Bays and out to the Destin Inshore Gulf areas. Flounder can be targeted within 200 yards and up to 3 miles off the beach. Flounder migrate in response to cooler water temperatures and also spawn during this time. On our Destin Inshore Fishing Charters, we have an average catch of 20 Flounder. Catching Flounder is not only fun but can be quickly learned by even the most novice beginners of all ages. In my opinion, Flounder is one of the best tasting fish on the Destin Inshore. Flounder are great both fried or baked and can really stimulate your senses when stuffed and baked with a seafood dressing, Yummy!


Another wintertime fish we target is the Sheepshead. During the colder months on the Destin Inshore, Sheepshead become more active and start eating a lot more. Sheepshead forage around bridges, pylons and jetties looking for various Destin Inshore crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp and barnacles. On our Destin Inshore Charters, we typically like to use live shrimp to target the Sheepshead. The Sheepshead is a clever fish at stealing your bait, which in turn requires your full attention to detect their very subtle bite. However, once you feel the bite of the Sheepshead and actually hook one, hang on because they are as feisty as they come!


Last but not least is the Redfish. During the winter months, the Redfish inhabits the Destin Inshore Bay around docks, bridges and jetties. The Bull Redfish can be found cruising the Destin Inshore Gulf Beaches in larger schools of 200 or more. We typically target the Destin Inshore Bay Redfish with live shrimp in the wintertime and target the Destin Inshore Gulf Bull Reds by sight fishing them with artificial bait.

Our wintertime Destin Inshore Fishing typically starts in November and runs through March. We are truly blessed we have great Inshore Fishing Opportunities year-round. Please don’t hesitate to pickup the phone and call, text or email me personally regarding the latest fishing report or if you’d like to book me or one of our highly experienced Destin Inshore Fishing Guides.

Let’s Go Catch’em Up!

Capt LW

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